Monday, April 11, 2011


I think my last post was too down. I was sad and blue then, but I also need to document that now I am okay, happy, in fact! :)

Some things that helped me chase away the blues:
  • Just blogging about my blues helped tremendously. I needed to get it out and see it in print. Once I realized that I really did have reasons to be sad and that I wasn't just being irrational, I truly felt better-ready to conquer the world!
  • Putting up our new family pictures with CK and A. This helped in two ways: I got something I'd been meaning to do accomplished and I got to rejoice in how blessed I am to have CK and I combining our families.
  • Booking my flight for the next time I go to St. Louis. Open-ended stuff is more difficult for me. Now that I know that in 32 days I will see CK (and even BEFORE then...this weekend), it makes it much better.
  • Having 7-8 kids here is really fun. It is chaotic and I was ready for them to all go to bed, but I love having younger kids around. J is 4 1/2 and I miss out on some of the younger ages. FHE tonight was great fun. :)
  • Having C get soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to see me when he got home from school. He went with his dad Friday night and then his dad dropped him off at school today so I didn't see him until he got off the bus this afternoon. It melted my heart how excited he was.
  • Getting a short nap and then reading and studying my scriptures while all five children that were at home took a nap this afternoon.
  • CK took care of some of the details of our wedding this afternoon. :) :)
  • I talked to a dear friend that was worried about me and took action to show she cared.
  • It was a beautiful day outside. I wasn't out much, but when I was.....I loved it!!!
  • And....a bittersweet moment: I sorrow so much as I have been informed that they did make the decision to take my uncle off of life support. But, it also allows the whole family to no longer be in limbo. There is relief in the decision being made. I am grateful that my mom, aunt, and sister got to attend the temple together this morning. I am so grateful for the peace and direction that is found there. How lucky we are!
I wasn't blue for long. I am truly so blessed. There is not much I can complain about. Life is good. Very good. I am happy. :) (Of course, I am extra giddy right now-I just got done with my nightly Skyping with CK! Another blessing. We live 700 miles apart and yet we see and hear each other daily.)