Friday, May 20, 2011

High School Musical

K has been in choir this year and loved it. As an end of the year finale, all the 6th grade choirs combined to perform High School Musical. There were three different casts of all the major parts. K was Kelsi Nielson for in one of the casts. She was part of the chorus for the other two. This is her during last night's performance (in the chorus).
There is some amazing talent in this group. The music overpowered the kids, though, and it was very difficult to hear and understand what was going on.

Here she is ready for her performance:
This cast, in many ways, performed better than the night before. I am sure a lot of it was the first performance for everyone last night.
The funny thing is...unlike the night before when the music was overpowering, the music stopped working mid-performance. K was sitting at the piano, pretending to play with no music being played. She said it felt odd.
K did a very good job. Her cast all did a very good job. I was also quite impressed with how they handled the music cutting out. They sang all the songs acapella. They just picked up with a "show must go on" attitude. Being a theatre person, I could tell on occasion that it was difficult to find cues without the music cluing them in to what to do next, but for a group of 11-12 year-olds, they were amazing in face of the unexpected!


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Lana said...

so cute! she is getting so big!!