Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Awards and Field Day

Friday was a busy, busy day for our family. I didn't do anything but run from one school to the other all day long. First, it was 6th grade awards. K got quite a few of them. I was proud of her. Most pictures that I took showed her name, so I tried to find ones that did not.

I was proud of her for all of them, but especially A Honor Roll. I didn't realize it would be such an honor. There were only a few kids that maintained A's the entire year. I think she worked so hard this year and it was great for her to be recognized at this ceremony!

After changing our clothes quickly, J and I headed to C's school for their field day. It used to be more races and such, but the last few years it has been a bunch of games. I love it. The kids have fun and just enjoy themselves.

I loved watching C on the climbing wall. They start at one end, climb up the wall and then go clear to the other end (if they can) and then they run to the beginning and keep going. Most kids dropped down before they got to the end. A few ran to the beginning. C did. He got about half way through on his second time. It was great to watch. :)

J and I were getting tired after many hours and I was about to head home when C requested that I stay for the tug-of-war. We did. It was fun to watch. The boys got beat by the girls in their class a couple of times. I think their pride was a little wounded and they quickly made up the difference with some very definite wins.

The school year is almost over and the awards ceremony and field day proves it! What a great life we lead! :) So blessed. So blessed.

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