Wednesday, May 18, 2011


CK moved here this last weekend. Thursday night, before the kids went to XDH and I went to St. Louis, we celebrated a last night together by eating ice cream. (My grandma would love it!)

CK and I traveled to Oklahoma City, not arriving there until 2 am. The next morning, we headed early to the temple. It was so nice to be there in the house of the Lord. I love attending new temples and I love that CK and I are trying to visit them all (in the U.S.). What a fun goal!
Here we are, 700 miles done. CK's car did an amazing job pulling this little trailer.
Both he and I are planners, so we had the entire thing planned out...CK's new apartment and everything. We had reserved it in advance and paid for it Saturday night. I am so grateful that the Spirit bore witness to us that this was not a good place for CK to be and now he has a new place. Frustrating, though, when things don't go as planned!!!!

While we are adjusting to having him around every day (I think he has a lot more adjusting to do than we do....we can be LOUD!), we love it. I love it. The kids are happy. I feel so blessed. At times, the future seems scary-if I give my heart to someone, they can hurt me just like I have been hurt before. But, I am so happy and I look at the man that I am so blessed to marry this summer and I am in awe that I, of all people, am sooooo lucky!


shana said...

How exciting for you guys. What a fun new adventure!!

Missy said...

So happy for your little family. I remember when I happened upon your blog you were in the middle of your divorce and the pain was so evident my heart broke for you all. I guess that's why I kept coming back. You've been a wonderful witness for our Savior. It's so good to see you all where you are now. And if you guys ever make it to the Louisville or Indy (future) temples let me know maybe we could meet up.

the MILKY way (Chrissy) said...

I saw CK up at the Church last night and it was sort of surreal, sort of like seeing a celebrity! I'd only seen him in pictures and there he was, an actual real person :) I'm glad he's here and things are good for you guys!