Friday, May 6, 2011

Seven - Eleven


First, there are 7 days until I see CK again! It has been approximately three weeks since we have been together and it has been torture. The really cool thing about what happens in 7 days: CK is moving here! We will see each other almost every day for the rest of our lives. I am so excited about this. I am so lucky to have him in my life. He even took his place on the Chore Chart. :) I am so grateful for all he is willing to do for me. I cannot believe how blessed I am. For the many hours of grief-filled sorrow that I have experienced, where I thought my heart would never heal - here I am...soooo happy, soooo blessed, soooo in awe of the love of my Father in Heaven and the ways that He has taken care of me.


Next, it has been approximately 11 months since I first met CK in person. What a wonderful adventure we have been on, and the best is yet to be.... :) Here are the last 11 months in pictures:

June 2010: We met for the first time. We had fallen in-love over the phone, but this was the first time we had been in the same place:

July 2010: CK came to support me while attending the funeral of my grandmother. It was a time when I needed the support and he didn't hesitate, but, unasked, was just there. Thank-you!

August 2010: We didn't see each other this month. For a time, we were not to be together. We struggled with this, but both really listened to the Lord and followed His timing. Here is where I sought answers and solace:

September 2010: When I finally let go completely and left everything in the Lord's hands, He quickly returned to me the answer that I'd been looking for....move forward with CK. The "no" answers were gone and we were excited to pursue a future together. CK let me know he was excited, too:

October 2010: We got to see each other twice this month. It was amazing to reunite and be together again:

November 2010: We also got to be together twice this month, including our first Thanksgiving together:
December 2010: We had a while we had to wait between Thanksgiving and Christmas....but when the time did come, we were together for a long time, including Christmas and CK's birthday. This month ended with a ring on my finger....and an official engagement!
January 2011: Twice again this month! Yippee! We took all the kids and did some sightseeing in St. Louis. So fun!

February 2011: Again...once here and once there. We were so blessed to see each other every other weekend. I am so glad that CK and A got to be here this month for my birthday! This picture was Valentine's Day:

March 2011:
April 2011: This is the last time that CK and I were together. The kids made up a carnival for us...and these suckers were part of our prizes. It was great fun. :)

May 2011: We haven't been together yet...but that takes us full circle....7 days!!!! :)

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