Friday, June 17, 2011

Father's Day (Early)

Sunday was Father's Day. No, not really, but it was at our house. A was with us for two weeks and this was the Sunday that she'd be we took advantage of it.

My three were with their dad, so A and I got up and made CK breakfast. We LOVED working together and it was comical to watch CK itching to get up from the couch and come help. He doesn't allow himself to be "served" very well. :)When the other kids returned home, they were soooooooooooooooo excited to give CK his gifts. I had read somewhere an idea that I thought would be very fitting for Father's Day: each kid choosing a gift of something to DO with Dad. Kind of a one-on-one "date." They loved the idea and all four kids chose different and unique things. K is getting ice cream with him, C is going to play tennis with him, A is going to the movies with CK, and J is going with him to mini-golf. It is a great way to honor a father.

After gifts, we had a yummy dinner of roast and potatoes (and...I lost the battle...I couldn't keep CK out of the kitchen...he had to help with the potatoes!).

Happy Father's Day, CK! :)

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