Saturday, June 4, 2011

17 Years ago today

17 years ago was also a Saturday: June 4, 1994. It was my high school graduation. The crazy thing is I was 17. I am now 34. I have reached half way. Half of my life at "home," as a kid and half of my life out and on my own. It goes so fast.

Things about me at that time:
  • I was excited to go to BYU in the fall to study Math Education with a Theater Education minor.
  • I had a boyfriend that I absolutely adored.
  • I had a best friend that was better than any best friend. We were heartbroken knowing we were going to different colleges in the fall. (We are still best friends)
  • I had my life's plans and goals in front of me: finish college (did that), go on a mission (did not), marry in the temple (did that).
  • My siblings were 15, 11, 7, and 4. Leaving them seemed impossible. At the same time, I was ready.
  • I had super long blond hair.
  • Life was good. Life was easy. I was so innocent.
I am so grateful that now, as I look back on the last 17 years since then, that I can see that I have been blessed at every turn by a loving Heavenly Father. There have been amazing ups and devastating downs, but He has ALWAYS been there. I am amazed at the multitude of blessings that he has sent me. My life is amazing and I cry tears of joy nearly daily right now. It reminds me of Elder Wirthlin's talk a few years ago where he talked about the Principle of Compensation and mentioned that every tear we cry in sorrow now will be returned to us 100-fold with tears of rejoicing and gratitude. I have a lot of tears coming.

So...this is my life 17 years later: I have a degree in Math Education. I taught middle school for two years (in two different states!). I have three kids and one soon-to-be step daughter, ages almost 12, almost 10, 7, and 4. I serve in the Primary Presidency in my ward. I am divorced. I own a house. I am a stay-at-home mom. I am engaged to be married in (hopefully) 56 days. I have friends scattered throughout the country: people I love that either have moved away from me or I from them. I have lived in Utah, Oregon, and Texas.

Life was good 17 years ago. Life is good now. I am so blessed. :)


Lana said...

Happy graduation anniversary!

Jay said...

I can't even remember the day I graduated! I guess I'm getting old. So glad life was good then and is good now!!

shana said...

Wow. Has it really been that long??? We were so young then. :)