Monday, June 27, 2011

A was here

This is another post that is way overdue.

A was here with us, visiting for two weeks. It was really awesome to have her here. I am so impressed with how she treats our family as her family and I was also impressed with how accepting my children were of having a new "sister." K and A share a room and that is a new experience for both of them. I was very thrilled with how well they did together.

The funny thing is, I am finally posting this, but A will be back again in just 5 days to spend another week with us. :)

On the day before she left, we all went to dinner. The kids got a booth by themselves with CK and I across the way.
Then, we went swimming at some dear friends' pool.
The next morning, I flew with A back home. She loved this picture. She tried so hard to get it in focus just as she wanted it. When she did it, she was so excited to show her mom. She wanted to show it to her as soon as we got off the plane. :)
Here we are on the plane.
Isn't she gorgeous?
And...a long flight can turn us into silly girls (it really isn't that long...just 1.5 hours). I love this picture, even if it is crazy!

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Lana said...

she is a cutie!!