Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Eve Morning

 I am the luckiest woman.  My sister lives about half an hour away.  I cannot count the number of times that that has been such an incredible blessing to me.  Since we were both leaving to go out of town shortly after Christmas (they even thought of leaving on Christmas day), and since Christmas was on a Sunday so we had church to attend, we decided to get together Christmas Eve instead.

In order to allow ourselves nuclear family time, we decided on brunch.  It was YUMMY!  Thanks, Sis!  The kids were besides themselves with excitement to open presents.  We had such a great time.  I wish I would have taken a picture of the beautiful table that S set up or the kids all sitting calmly for a picture (hmmm....did that ever happen?), but, instead I have pictures of these kids and opening their presents.  Still super cute!

 This year, we each have four kids and so each cousin drew a name of another cousin.  It was fun to see them look for the perfect gift for the cousin that they drew.  I wish A could have been with us to see C open the present that she chose for her!
 Isn't my sister absolutely gorgeous??  I think she is so pretty.  She is also smart, kind, funny, and all-around awesome!  I am so blessed.
I have no idea what CK is laughing at, but I love the joy in his face in this picture.  :)  He is a good sport to encourage me to post whatever picture I want.  I think it was because he was surprised.  In our family name-drawing, S and P did not have him, so he assumed he would be present-less (and more than fine with it!) this day.  Wrong!  His birthday is Christmas Day and S and P had chosen to get him a present for his birthday.  :)  Again, aren't they awesome?

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