Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving, Funeral, and Family

 As I noted before, we came home from Nauvoo and immediately went to Idaho for Grandpa's funeral.  A is such a trouper.  We did sooooooooooo much traveling and she handled it all with style.  Here we are flying towards Utah.
 What Thanksgiving would be complete without some friendly family football?  They all had a lot of fun.  I joined for a bit.  It was awesome. 
 Some of the cousins.  When K saw this picture, she was so sad and wishing that she could've been there.  A is 2nd from the left.
 Cousin A's birthday was during this Thanksgiving/Funeral time.  She was so great about sharing her day with everyone.  Of course, Grandma made it a special time for A, complete with a chocolate fountain.  :)
 Saturday was the funeral.  It is awesome that Grandpa gets to be buried here where he lived, loved, and worked for his entire life. A small town boy through and through.
 All the funeral pictures with CK were so heartbreaking.  He loved Grandpa and the sorrow on his face was very well captured on film.  I only included a couple:  here he is putting his boutonniere on the casket.
 Grandma really held out better than can be expected.  I am so glad that she had so much family there with her.  This is her with CK.
 All the K siblings.  I love them all.  CK is very blessed indeed. 
 A last picture with Grandma.  She always tries to cover her face, but she was willing to let us actually see her face this time.  :)

 Grandma K was wonderful to us.  One thing she did for A was give her this craft to work on.  After we drove for 2.5 hours to get to the airport, the flight was then delayed for a couple of hours.  A used this time to complete this craft.  She loved it!  Thank-you, Grandma.

Finally, I added this picture to this blog.  I took this picture last Christmas.  When I saw these three men sitting on the couch together, I loved the resemblance that they shared.  None of the three were thrilled with this picture, but they let me take it.  I am so grateful. None of us expected that Grandpa would be gone before the next Christmas.  This picture will be forever treasured by our family.

As we did all this travel and spent all this time with family, I was reminded yet again how important family is.  There is NOTHING more important.  Well, our Savior, Jesus Christ, and God our Father, of course, but they are part of our family, too-Our Eternal Family.  I am so blessed to have THREE families that I love with all my heart.  :)

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What a sweet post! I love the last picture!