Saturday, December 31, 2011

Real Christmas Tree

 This year, we decided to get a live Christmas Tree.  I have always wanted to, but we never have.  We made a trip to our local Lowe's.  Not quite cutting it down ourselves, was a live tree nonetheless.

The kids were not certain they wanted a live tree.  There was a lot of talk of our fake tree being "tradition" and that they didn't want to change anything.

Not so when we finally got there.  They were all excited to get the tree.

 The tree was just over 8 feet and somewhat shorter than our 9-ft fake tree, but it fit perfectly in our living room.

  Here is K smelling the tree as we untied it and let the branches loose.
 And, here is our beautiful tree Christmas morning.  I loved everything about it.

This picture was taken Christmas Eve.  Aren't these three so handsome/beautiful?  I am a proud mama.  We missed A this year and we are ready to get on the same holiday schedule with her. 

Some unexpected perks to having a live tree:  set up was tons easier, clean-up was easier-we did have a lot of needles to pick up, but no taking apart the tree branch by branch, it smelled great, and it looked great.  I loved it, loved it, loved it!

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