Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Loved Like never Before

I have the best husband ever.  Definitely the best husband for ME.  I am so grateful for him.  He loves me in a way that I have never known.  This week he is on a business trip and we are apart for the whole week.  :(  It is not fun for either of us, especially for me.  Last night I came home and found these beautiful flowers.  He just wanted me to know that he was missing me while we were apart.  I feel so loved and special.  I truly have never been loved like he loves me.  And, he has seen the worst sides of me that no one else has ever known.  And, he loves me anyway.  The way he takes care of me is amazing.  I am so blessed.


nikko said...

You two are so cute and newlywed. ;o)

If I got flowers while D was out of town I'd probably fall over dead of surprise. ;o)

Jay said...

What beautiful flowers! So glad you have the best hubby for you! Have fun this weekend.