Monday, April 14, 2014

April 2014 General Conference

This year, General Conference was on April 5-6th.  It was amazing.  I loved hearing the prophets speak and I love reviewing each message.  There is so much for me to improve on.  There is also a lot of comfort and strength given by the Spirit as we listen to these men of God address us, saying what He wants us to know.

Our October Conference thing worked so well, that we did it again.  I posted pictures of each of the prophets and then we each wrote on sticky notes something that impressed us during the talk.  I love how it helps us all focus and I love the insights that my children and CK give me that sometimes I miss completely.

President Monson (multiple talks):

  • CK:  "Do better day by day" and "Take advantage of opportunities to demonstrate love "
  • Me:  "Those who address us have sought Heaven's help", "Every day of our lives, we are given opportunities to love.  Some of the greatest opportunities to love will be within the walls of our own home." and "May our homes be filled with love, courtesy, and the Spirit of the Lord."
  • K:  "We are a fmaily, united in our faith and desire!", "We must regard everyone as our brothers and sisters and treat them as such.", and "We must strive to be better every day!"
  • C:  "Recognize then respond." and "What an amazing conference!"
  • J:  "Welkome. Welkome" (Welcome welcome) and   "Help uthrs" (help others)

President Eyring:
  • CK:  "Make and keep covenants." and  "Don't neglect your duties."
  • Me:  "Happiness comes from family bonds." and "Takes faith to keep sacred covenants for a lifetime."
  • K:  "Every hour we must choose what we will do.  He will gather us if we let Him"
  • C:  "Things will work out.  CTR and receive blessings in time."
  • J:  "Have fath (faith) in God."
President Uchtdorf:
  • CK:  "Don't be thankful for things, have an overall attitude of gratitude."
  • Me:  "All commandments are given to us to bring us joy - including developing a spirit of gratitude."
  • K:  "Trials are just minor disruptions.  Gratitude is a catylist to Christlike attributes!"
  • C:  "Gratitude = Hope + Testimony."
  • J:  "We need fath (faith)."

  • Me:  "Jesus is the Christ!  He lives!"
  • K:  "We must always be a witness of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ."
  • C:  "You must listen and follow promptings to receive blessings of the Holy Ghost."
  • J:  "Our chrch (church) is the chrch (Church) of Jesise (Jesus) Crist (Christ). "
    Elder Perry:
  • Me:  "Obedience is an emblem of faith. "
  • K:  "Faithfulness through obedience rescues us."
  • C:  "You will never go astray if you follow the Spirit."
  • J:  "Jessis (Jesus) is our ledr (leader)."

Elder Nelson:
  • CK:  "Tie your faith to God, then let it show."
  • Me:  "Even if everyone is doing it - wrong is NEVER right."
  • K:  "Our standards must always be God's laws.  We must have courage not compromise."
  • C:  "Let your faith show."
  • J:  "Have fath (faith) in God."

Elder Oaks spoke in the Priesthood Session, so we didn't take notes together as a family.  It was a great talk, though!

Elder Ballard
  • CK:  "Commitment is hollow without a completed action.  Follow-up!  "
  • Me:  "Invite 4x a year someone to meet with the missionaries-then Follow-Up!  Read and study Preach My Gospel."
  • K:  "We can be better missionaries by replacing our fear with faith."
  • C:  "Follow-up - Share the Gospel four times a year."
  • J:  "Testumonee (testimony) is good."

Elder Scott:
  • CK:  "We can influence those around us for good.  Start with love."
  • Me:  "Show genuine concern for their well-being and THEN share your testimony."
  • K:  "When righteously influencing others, we must love them."
  • C:  "What you do can inspire others."
  • J:  "I love mishunares (missionaries)."

Elder Halls:
  • CK:  "Savior-like obedience is motivated by true love of God."  "What motivates my obedience?"
  • Me:  "Obedience is motivated by true love for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ."
  • K:  "Why would we ever want to be disobedient?  We know the consequences of sin."
  • C:  "Obedience will help you faithfully pass through trials."
  • J:  "I need to cep (keep) the cmandmints (commandments)."

Elder Holland spoke Saturday morning.  C was at a band competition and J was at his football game, which CK took him to.  When I took this picture, there were only notes from K and I, but since then J has watched the talk and added his own thoughts.  C and CK have also gone back and listened/watched, but didn't choose to add thoughts to the picture.  :)
  • Me:  "When called to defend our faith- it requires courage and courtesy."
  • K:  "Be as Jesus is - loving, long-suffering, courageous.  Defend your beliefs!"
  • J:  "Keep Jesus commis." (commandments)

Elder Bednar:
  • CK:  "The load we carry helps us rely on the Lord."
  • Me:  "Is the load I am carrying providing spiritual traction to return home?"
  • K:  "I can and will be strengthened by the Atonement.  He has infinite empathy- He always understands."
  • C:  "We are NOT alone.  He will strengthen us through the Atonement."
  • J:  "it is Good"

Elder Cook:
  • CK:  "We need to take advantage of the accessibility of temples and family history resources."
  • Me:  "Our family history centers are now in our homes."
  • K:  "Family history brings great blessings."
  • C:  "Family history is important and is a blessing for you AND them."
  • J:  "I like Elijah."
Elder Christofferson:
  • CK:  "The Atonement is the central doctrine of the Gospel."
  • Me:  "The Savior makes ALL things right."
  • K:  "Jesus knows and comforts us just as He did with Mary."
  • C:  "He will come again and reign on the earth."
  • J:  "resreshin (resurrection) is osum (awesome)"

Elder Anderson:
  • CK:  "Whirlwinds of adversity make us stronger if we allow them.  Gian strength through the Book of Mormon and the temple."
  • K:  "Temptations strengthen our faith!  We can withstand them by embracing the gospel."
  • C:  "Youth can withstand trials with a firm strong foundation by standing up for what you believe in."
  • J:  "Satin (Satan) is a ubrlaird (abroad)."

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