Thursday, April 10, 2014

C's Track Meets

C has been participating in track and field this season.  I haven't seen evidence of this, but what he told us was that participating in track is mandatory to be able to do athletics next year.  Well, he loves football and wants to do that next fall, so, of course he has been attending track practices and meets.  If he does well in practice, he gets selected to participate in the events.  He was selected every week.  He ran the mile and the mile and a half. 

This was a couple of weeks ago.  It was my first time seeing him run.  My parents had flown in that morning, so they got to be there too!
And they are off (the 7th grade girls run with the 7th grade boys, but their standings are different even though they run at the same time).

Here is C, overtaking the girl in front of him.  Boy!  Six laps around the track is enough to make me feel exhausted just watching!!!

The rest of these pictures are from the next week (April 3, 2014).

When we got to this track meet, they did things a little bit differently.  The first ran the 7th grade girls.  Then, they ran the 8th grade girls.  It takes a long time to organize these races and then run six laps each.  Thank goodness 7th grade boys was next!

While we were waiting, J decided it was hot.  He found the only shade he could find.

V, on the other hand, just wanted to sit on the drain.

After waiting about an hour for C's race, the meet was put in a delay due to lightening far away.  So, we waited some more.  I am happy that we finally have our double stroller (Thanks for your contribution, Aunt J!).

More waiting.  It kept being delayed for storms in the distance.
Finally, they called the athletes back in.  Now the sky was ominous and it looked like it could dump on us any minute.  In an effort to get in as much as possible before the storm, they ran the 7th and 8th grade boys together.

It was fun to see him race.  He doesn't love track, but he is an athlete through and through and loves all sports.  He placed, which I didn't know was 1st-6th when it comes to track.  He was either 5th or 6th.  Not bad.

It started to rain huge drops as we left the track.  They called off the entire rest of the meet.  Good thing, too.  It dumped and hailed and not too far away from us, there were tornados.  It was a nasty Texas spring storm.  It was hard to see driving home, but we all made it safe and sound.  It still is crazy to me that they called the meet when it was bright and sunny with hardly any ominous clouds at all and they were way in the distance and then ran when it was dark and stormy and soon to be nasty.  All in all, we waited over two hours to see C's race.  It was worth it, though.  I love watching my kids doing the things they love and I always want them to know that no matter what they are participating in, they can look over and see Mom cheering and probably wielding a camera.  :)

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