Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Comedy at the Grocery Store

I am so grateful that Heavenly Father has blessed us with a sense of humor.  There are moments (like yesterday), when it is very beneficial!  I have to document it to remember is just one of those moments.

So, yesterday morning I needed to get a few things from the store.  Just some food items as I was taking dinner to a friend and needed a couple of ingredients, and a new baseball glove for C.  I do NOT take the littles to the store by myself.  I have stopped grocery shopping on weekdays and go Saturday morning as early as possible when CK is home to be with the babies.

But, I decided with just a handful of things I would brave it.  I was actually kind of excited about it...."This is going to be fun!"  I should have known I might be wrong about that when it took nearly an hour to get everyone ready.  Nonetheless, off we went.

Baby C was asleep when we got to the store.  Yippee!!  Not for long, though, he started crying within a minute of entering the store.  -sigh-  He was in his car seat in the back of the cart and V was sitting in the seat at the front.  So, we stopped and I took him out.  No big deal, I will just hold him.  Hmmm....he didn't like that much more and now my arm is exhausted.  Oh well. 

So, we get to the baseball gloves.  Baby C is now alternating between crying at a medium volume to screaming at a loud volume.  Nothing softer.  Not for him.  No way!  He wanted the entire store to know he was unhappy.  So I was holding him in my left arm and trying to look at gloves.  The problem is gloves come in so many different sizes and styles so I was trying to figure out which would be best.  Oh, and to increase the problem, the ones for C were all on the top rack, above my head.

So, picture holding C with my left arm, trying to jump and dislodge gloves so I could look at them with my right.  V chooses this lovely moment to get out of her seatbelt and try to stand up.  So...I am trying to help her sit down, look at gloves, and hold a crying baby.  Now for the real comedy....V sneezed.  She has allergy/cold problems and when she sneezes, everything comes out her nose.  A lot of snot (I wasn't going to say it that way, but it rhymed!).  I just had to laugh.  No one was super close to see our comedy, but at least I can blog about it and remember the times of having two young babies at the store.

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Kailee said...

Hahaha that was so funny! I literally laughed out loud picturing that scene. Thanks for blogging about it :D