Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter egg hunt 2014

Yes. We did our Easter Egg hunt today. Yes. Easter was on Sunday....last Sunday.

But, we really wanted to concentrate on the Savior and the days before were crazy. An Easter egg hunt is not something to cause anxiety and stress for anyone. So we waited. I only wish I would have known beforehand and I wouldn't have purchased the candy at full price! :)

It was fun....especially watching V hunt for her eggs. She was excited to find them. Only at the very end did she realize that there were things inside!!! She was soooooo excited then. Hers just had pieces of cereal....for her that was so much better than any candy! Jackpot!!!

On Sunday, we celebrated by remembering and focusing on our Savior. We also had my sister and her family over for Easter dinner. It was good. Families are forever due to our Savior's Atonement for all of us. We are blessed indeed.

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