Thursday, April 3, 2014

Two of my best friends

These two have been such great friends for me. They have both been so supportive throughout the hard times and through the good times. I am so lucky to have them. A moved away last fall and is back visiting for spring break. It was so good to see her. It was like we had never been away from each other. J, of course, moved about an hour and a half away a couple years ago. She drove down to spend time with us. I am so grateful for these good friends The Lord has given me. Like I said, these two have been with me in the toughest of times and in the best of times. I feel so blessed for His wisdom in putting us together in a presidency, so we could get to know each other. He did that right before the divorce, and I know He was protecting me. I am so blessed to have two of the greatest women in the world as my close friends.

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Alison said...

It was great to see you too! Although I now have tears as I read your post.