Tuesday, November 11, 2014

C's Last Football Game

 Last Tuesday (11-4-14) was C's last football game.  He thinks that he will not play in high school, so it was likely his last tackle football game ever.  He has really enjoyed it.  I have also enjoyed it.  I love football.  I love hearing my son's name called over the loudspeaker.  It has been a good couple of years.

Last Tuesday it poured and poured and rained all day long.  I was so worried that the game would be canceled and that he would miss this last game.  It didn't have lightening and the field was turf, so we were able to still play.  It was cold and uncomfortable, but they played.

V stayed home with J babysitting her (K was here doing homework, but J was the one in charge).  We took Baby C with us.

Here they are lined up for the coin toss.  The cool thing is that one of the captains for the other team's parents are BOTH serving in the military so he is living with extended family.  While he was focused on the toss, his mom was snuck onto the field and surprised him.  He thought she wouldn't be back from Kuwait until December 6th.  So cool. 

 C carried the ball on this play.  I didn't capture that, though.

Baby C is all bundled up with daddy and we have an umbrella to protect from the rain.
 C was lined up on this play and I was hoping he would get a touchdown.  He blocked for the quarterback, who ran it in.  Still a great play.
 C is 23.  This is one of the last few plays of the game.  It was nice because we won...34-12, especially since the ONLY game they lost last year was to this team.  This year C's team had a winning record, but it was close.

And, here he is.....my C!  :)  I am so proud of him.  He is a great athlete.  He is a great friend.  He is a great brother.  He is a great student.  He is a great trumpet player (He just made All-Region, 7th chair Honors out of 150 8th graders!).  He is kind.  He is helpful.  He is MY son.  :)  I am blessed.  I love him so very much.

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