Saturday, November 1, 2014

Some moments you just want to capture forever.

It is a busy day. Today is the day that J gets baptized.  My parents are here from out of town. XDH's parents are here from out of town.  CK is currently flying home with A.
We have a lot to do today. But, for the moment, it is just me and V and baby C.  I have many things I want to do to get ready for the baptism, to get ready for the Sabbath, to get ready for having the company return home. But, there are moments like these, that I just pause in awe of the blessings that God has given me.  I am cherishing holding my baby who fell asleep in my arms. And I had to take a moment to document it.
And, on another note, the number of posts in my head is probably upwards of 30 now. I really have many things I want to post. Hopefully I will get to most of them. Not only do I have 6 kids and a busy life, I am now attempting to prevent my MS from flaring up and I am trying to take it easier. As a result, blogging gets pushed down even further on the priority list.

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