Monday, November 17, 2014

J's Teacher

J's teacher accepted another position. It is a great opportunity of growth for her. It will be exactly what her family needs. So I cannot be too bitter.

But, this is very hard for J.  She is an amazing teacher. I've been so grateful that J was put in her class for second grade. She really pushes the kids. I appreciate that. J has really grown to love her. And, once he grows to care about somebody, he does it with all his heart. 

The Mommy part of me also worries about him having multiple subs while they try and find another teacher.  I know that some are very good. I have been a sub, and hopefully I did an okay job. But, it isn't their class. They won't know routines and individuals.

This is a very difficult situation for us. And, I know it isn't easy for Mrs L either. We just have to chalk it up to you one of those growing experiences that life brings us.

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