Thursday, October 30, 2008

Busy, Busy Fall

Life has been very good lately....just EXTREMELY busy. Blogger did something weird with the order of these photos, but....I will rearrange them and comment....I just wanted to finally get a post up! :) I guess you might be able to see why I've been so busy these last three weeks!

And...what is up with the huge spaces between photos? Sorry about all the scrolling!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Blessings Unmeasured

:) I am filled with happiness and gratitude and, for this moment, LIFE IS GOOD! :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Comforting words and music

A good friend sent me this link awhile back when I was having a bad day. I was finally able to listen to it today. What power in this message! What comfort there is to know that Heavenly Father lives and loves us! How grateful I am to have a Father in Heaven that sends us little messages like this to buoy us up...whether it is a cold, raining, and depressing day (like today!) or whether we have other struggles to bring to Him. I hope this music uplifts you as much as it did me today! :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


DH has been very busy lately...seminar, camping with us, another seminar coming up...and so he has had to frequently shut down the clinic. I wanted to go to the local football game, but it just seemed impossible. Except....DH surprised me and rescheduled all his patients so that we could go. :) If you know DH at all, you know that this is a big sacrifice and I am so grateful.

Unfortunately, I had a feeling we would lose (and we were ranked in the top 10!). What I had no idea of is the way we would lose. We looked horrible on the field. The game was super boring...even the fans of the team that won looked bored, excited to win, but bored.

Then, we took a wrong turn and got lost on the way home. Then, we got pulled over for speeding in a residential area. Thankfully, the cop just gave us a warning and some directions on how to get home, but it still made for a long night.

So...was it worth the money for the tickets and the babysitter and missing an Enrichment activity? You bet. We were out doing something different together, but, most of all, it meant so much to me that DH planned this surprise even though it meant rescheduling patients. That is a blessing! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

DH is gone...

and the party begins at our house! :)

DH has a seminar this weekend...all we are playing it up. Tonight, the kids each got to invite two friends to sleepover (both ended up with only one...but they are still having a blast!). We are making homemade pizzas, playing, watching a movie, talking, playing....etc..

Then, tomorrow, it is my night and some of my friends that aren't doing dinner groups (too bad it is the same night) are coming over. Party at my house! :) I guess I won't miss DH as much as I thought I would. And, tomorrow is a very busy day, including C competing in a huge karate tournament. He is excited, but I am definitely nervous for him!

Then, DH comes home Sunday night and we leave to go camping as a family on Monday. :) Fun times.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dead Computer!

I've never had a dead computer....until this weekend. We've had new ones and had to transfer files and that was hard enough...but this was a huge pain and STILL is a huge pain! UGH! Luckily I have a very good techie brother-in-law and he has extracted most of the information I need off the hard drive. There is still a LOT of things that have to be organized for the clinic, my work, my pictures, etc., but at least I have the Internet again! :)

So, at least for now, I am back! :)

(And...thank-goodness for online backups. They will save the day if we can't extract all of our info off our crashed hard drive. It will be some work to restore it...but I will not have lost everything!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Flattered and Proud

C had a project due today at school. It was to recreate out of boxes and paper a building in our local community. I thought he might do the library, the school, our house, or even WalMart. Then he told me he'd decided and wanted to do the clinic (chiropractic clinic that we own).

It turned out so cute. I was excited for his choice, but when DH came home, saw the clinic, and found out that it was what C had chosen for his project, he was so flattered and C was so proud. It was a great moment.

Note: We covered up the name of the clinic with pink keep identifying information private. Looks a little silly...but it works..

Thursday, October 2, 2008


K gets to go to Activity Days (kind of like a girls' club for ages 8-11) twice a month. They get to learn all sorts of things...from the spiritual to the practical to the fun. It is great for them and they have a fantastic leader. Yesterday, she got to go and learn archery. I was jealous. I've always wanted to learn that! She had a blast. She has two really close friends and they got to ride down together, talking and making up stories. Then, they got to take turns shooting this bow and arrow. They each got 5 arrows. K didn't have any of them hit the target. She is so tiny and she said that holding the bow was very difficult. She also came home with a little blister on her hand...but, all in all she LOVED it. I am so grateful that she gets to have experiences like this: learning something new, away from me (she can be her own person!), learning to socialize and get along, etc.. What a blessing.

PS Thanks to Jay for sending me some pictures!