Monday, May 24, 2010

A Great Family Home Evening

Tonight, we had such a wonderful Family Home Evening. It actually turned out better than I'd hoped when I planned it.

We began with a song and prayer, of course. Next, I read some scriptures to the kids from the Doctrine and Covenants about being wise stewards. We have been incredibly busy the last couple of weeks and our house is not up to the standard of being wise stewards of our possessions. As I talked about it, I had a lot of grumpiness because they knew we were going to have to work and do services (chores). But, we did a scavenger hunt where we beat the clock not each other. It was a blast! We worked so hard. We all worked together. There was no fighting, arguing, or complaining. We just worked hard and we got the whole list (see above) done in 21 minutes, thus earning us a bowl of ice cream for a treat! It was a blast, the house is cleaner, and we are all making memories working together. What a great FHE! :)


victoria said...

Hey there! We've been gone for a while so I got to catch up on a bunch of your posts. I love to see the fun things you do with your kids. You give me lots of good ideas. Hope things are on the upside of the swing right now. (We flew through Dallas and I waved to you. Hey, general part of the United States, right?)

Andrea said...

Great idea!