Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mother-Daughter Time!!!

I have started this post about three times....and I always have Internet problems while the pictures are loading. It worked this time, hurray!

K and I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time together. I love my boys so much, but there is just something special about a mother-daughter bond. I am so grateful for the love we share and for the opportunities that we had-three in less than a week-to spend time together.

First was a mother-daughter picnic for the Activity Day girls. The leaders are absolutely fantastic. We had so much fun. Thanks to XDH for allowing K to go with me and be later in her time with him! Here we are together. I don't like this picture of me, but it is the only one of us together.
One of the games that the girls absolutely loved was when all of them laid underneath blankets with just their feet sticking out. The moms were supposed to figure out which feet belonged to them. It was much harder than we thought it would be, particularly with their feet down and we couldn't see the color of their nail polish! (I did find K, by the way)
And...this wasn't part of our mother-daughter alone time, but I still wanted to include it and she was in it. So, a mother's day picture of me and my kiddos. Love them!

Next, I took her out of school a little early one day for a mother-daughter "date." We registered her for College for Kids, then went to our yummy, yummy puposa place.

We also went to Sam Moon and bought some cool matching earrings before having to head home. It was a great time!
Finally, for time #3, I got to be a chaperone for a field trip to a choir competition. I got to ride the bus over an hour each way. It was hot and windy, but I love being with the kids on the bus. K is in a select choir at her school. She has gotten to perform in many places and they practice very hard after school each week. This was the culmination: the competition.
At the "practice tent:"
During the performance (they sounded GREAT!!!):

After the performance, they got to ride some rides at the little amusement park. We didn't have a lot of time, but they had fun on the ones they were able to do. I had fun with my little group of six girls that I was in charge of (yes! a preposition at the end of a sentence. sorry).
Here is S and K with the trophy after the competition (they won a first place...each choir is judged and given a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place for their technique and sound and...well I really don't know what all):
On the bus, going home:
I am so grateful to have K as my daughter. She is my oldest and my only girl, both of which give us a special bond. She really wants a sister and is hopeful that I will remarry someone with a girl or two (or three!) close to her age. For now, though, we are the females of the house and we love each other with a fierceness and closeness that is difficult to describe.
K, if you read this, I love you! I am so glad you are my daughter. You are so special. You have a strong testimony of Jesus Christ. You have a strong sense of right and wrong. You have a strong desire to make everyone feel included. You excel at school. You are talented in so many ways. I am very pleased with all you have done and continue to do. You are amazing and I love you! Love, Mami


Kathy said...
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I have a good life said...

Sweet Kathy left a comment, but I took out K's name. Here is what she said:

thanks again R for making me cry. LOL no seriously, I love K too, she really is such a special girl and she has the most tender heart and spirit.

K said...

Bryan and I love the puposa place. They always stare at us when we go in and since I don't speak any english, Bryan does all the talking. But we eat there a lot. We will have to go someday together.

Anonymous said...

So was the comment about the preposition at the end of the sentence for my benefit? Great post by the way. Your good friend Professor Grammar aka CK