Saturday, May 15, 2010

What goes down must come up...

First, thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. I know they all helped me recover from my "down" day yesterday.

In addition, all these things have helped me to recover and I am doing much better!

  1. Talked to one of my best friends, Chad, for three hours last night. For some reason, we are not meant to be more than friends, but we are so lucky to have each other to lean on right now. He amazes me every day with his wisdom and support. I am very blessed.
  2. The Primary Activity: It was amazing. Thanks to lots of very careful planning by Sister P, we couldn't have asked for a better activity. I felt the Spirit over and over again throughout the morning: in the Testimony of President Hinckley, as I had the opportunity to bear testimony of Jesus' resurrection, as the children talked about holding to the rod, and through music. Who could feel down with the special spirit that the Primary children bring? I am still adjusting to my new calling, but the love for the children is just so automatic. What a blessing from our Father in Heaven who loves and cares for His little ones more than we could ever imagine.
  3. Going to the temple. It had been closed for two weeks and this was the first Saturday back open. I felt so much like I was going home. I know, even though I frequently have to be reminded, that my Savior lives and, not only does He live, He KNOWS every heartache I feel and is right there, ready to succor me. I could've lived in the temple today. He is always ready to give me peace and answers and to direct my life.
  4. Listening to the Prophets testify of Jesus Christ video. I was driving, so I couldn't see it, but I listened all the way home from the temple. It is amazing what a great Spirit of truth comes with apostolic testimonies of Jesus Christ.

How blessed I am! How blessed I am to be able to have the tools at my disposal, just waiting for me to grab, to lift myself up (with help, of course!) when the despair comes and I am down. How truly blessed I am. I have no room to complain. None at all. :)


The Texas Bakers said...

I really admire your determination to have a positive outlook, your resiliency, and your faith and reliance on the Spirit, even when things get extra hard. (((hugs)))

zeebee said...

HOW do you do it? I wish I were as strong as you! And even when you are down you are helping others that are leaning on you. Thank you. You inspire me.

nikko said...

I'm so glad! :o)