Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Of hormones, tears, and single-mom-ing it

I am a little bit of a wreck and I know it is the hormones kicking into full gear.  CK left this morning for business and to see A.  Yikes!  It has been a weepy day for me.  I haven't felt this low since last October when CK was gone.  That time was after we lost the first baby.  That is how I know these tears are partially hormonal.  Usually him leaving is sad, but not devastating.  Today is hard.

Baby V is NOT helping.  She has not slept more than 15-25 minutes at a time throughout the day.  I have been up since 4 am.  She usually sleeps for a few hours at a time, at least in the morning.  Not today.  I think she misses her daddy picking her up throughout the day.  I know I do.  But, I have handled a divorce and being a single mom.  I can do this for five days and four nights...four kids and all.  While V was screaming this morning, C helped with J.  That was awesome.  I appreciate him.  It might be a long few days, but I am so blessed to have four kids that need me, a house to live in, and food to prepare.  I am truly blessed beyond measure.

When the older three get home from school, we have piano, grocery shopping, going to the library, and taking dinner to a new friend that just had a baby.  I think that being busy will be good for us all.  And maybe, just maybe, V will sleep well throughout the night and we will all have a better day tomorrow.  :)  CK usually gets up with her to calm her quite a few times in the night....her sleeping well for me would definitely be a blessing.

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