Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Showing V Off

Now that J is in school, I try to go once a week and eat lunch with him.  It is fun to be a celebrity again.  The first time I went he was telling all his friends and his teacher, "That's my MOM!!!!"  It is really fun to be there.

Obviously, the day that V was born, I did not go to the school, but when she was a week old, Grandma K and I went over.
 First, we ate lunch together.
 Then, we walked with his class down to the classroom and J got to introduce her to the class.

 These other pictures are V that same day:  7 days old!

 She always curls up her feet and I was trying to capture that.  She moved them before I got the picture, but I still love it.....what precious little feet she has!

 Big brother home from school and quick to want to hold his baby sister!
Grandma K got to cuddle little V a lot in the week that she was here.  I think this picture is priceless!  V won't remember this visit, but I do and it sure means a lot to me!

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