Thursday, October 24, 2013

A is here!!!!

It is such a great weekend for us! A is here! Our family is so complete now. I always say I have five children, but I don't usually say 1/5 of my heart is in St. Louis. My heart is complete now.  All five children are under one roof for a short time.  I will take it and treasure it.  I have cleared out my schedule so I can just be Mom to all of them, including (and especially) A.

It is Thursday, which has become my eat lunch with J day.  So, A came too.  They were so very excited to be together.  Each asked if I could just take J home.  He is in first grade.  His teacher said they weren't learning anything new this afternoon.  He can miss.  I took him home.  He and A have been playing and playing together - time they wouldn't have gotten due to school and J going to his dad's this weekend.

There is a tender mercy this weekend that makes my heart so full.  XDH and I sometimes have things come up and we help each other out by making sure the kids are with us even if by the decree it is not "our turn."  This Friday, XDH had something come up and so we get to have a night together as a family - one that we were not expecting (He will still take them all day Saturday, but we will take whatever is offered!).  With Stake Conference this weekend, as well as 3/5 of our kids going to their dad, and school nights, we didn't expect that we would have an evening together.  SURPRISE and TENDER MERCY!!!  We, we will do a "Family Party" with the entire family.  Such a blessing.

The invitation:
Check it out!”....You are invited to another Family Party. 
Don't be too slow...we won't take any “Putt-Putting” around!

After the fun, we will enjoy yummy food together on “An 
Underground Train

Hope you are ready! We want YOU there!!

I am so very blessed.  My life still isn't what I had planned....but in so very many ways it is even better.  I just couldn't see the full picture.

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Robin said...

That's so good to have the time together. YOu are blessed