Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Answers....Draft from January 2010

I was just rereading a part of my blog. I used to wonder if I would ever stop crying or get over the divorce. I asked all my divorce friends to help me along. Now, I am here. Yep. Not crying anymore. Yep. So happy now. I didn't realize how beautiful the future could be. It is hard to be a divorcee when you are so adamant against divorce, but, for me, this divorce has actually been so good for me. I couldn't see it at the time, but now, looking back, I see that I am actually better off now. I am so excited about the present. I am so excited about the future. I get to be who I want to be and I love that person.

(Found this in "Drafts," written 1/10/2010....I already published the 2010
blog book, but I wanted to save this moment of joy and remember all the tender mercies.....so I will include it now...more than 3 years later and rejoice in all the blessings I have received.)

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Andrea said...

Good to know! All those who have gone before give me hope that the sadness won't last and that life can be even better.
I actually read some of your old posts the other day. It was very helpful! So thanks for being real and recording your struggles as well as the joys.