Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Finally Fall!!!

It is so beautiful.  Finally highs in the low 60's, although later in the week it will get as high as 76.  It has been months and months, however since I have not seen at least one temp over 80 degrees in the 10 day forecast.

To my Canadian, Coloradan, Utahn, Idahoan, and other colder climate friends, my warm-blooded kids would absolutely crack you up.  K has been "freezing" for a couple of days (she was the last couple of weeks too).  She is bemoaning the fact that we don't live in a warm climate!!  Ha Ha!

I love it.  Fall has always been my favorite season, but it doesn't feel like fall when the weather is in the 90's.  It just doesn't.  The one bad thing this Fall/Winter is that I have never been pregnant in the colder months....I don't have long pants or long sleeves in maternity styles and it is difficult for me to buy some knowing that this baby is likely my last and that I can only wear maternity close for a little less than four months.  It just doesn't seem like a good use of my budget.

One good thing about warmer weather is that watching C's football games has been very pleasant (sometimes too hot, though!).  It might not feel like football season without the cooler weather, but it is nice when you have a baby for sure.

In other news, V has decided to assert her independence....and this usually means refusing to eat.  I don't know if her appetite is also down or she is just enjoying being able to refuse food.  She also lets us know what she wants and throws a fit when we don't give it to her.  My sweet girl has a not-so-sweet side sometimes.

J is such a good reader now.  He still doesn't love to read (Is he my child?), unless the books are about animals, then he can read for quite a while.  I am glad he has found something that interests him!  On the bus a couple of weeks ago, he had a substitute bus driver and he became nervous that he'd missed his stop.  He told me that he couldn't remember all the words, but he kept singing "The Lord is my light, I shall not fear..." over and over to help him be calm.  So cool.  What faith!!!  Love it.

As for A, she is loving 4th grade. She tried out for choir and made it. Woo hoo!!! She is such a trouper....going from 0 siblings to 6 siblings within two years' time. And she is great....she is a great big sister. She is a great little sister. She is amazing! We only wish we could see her more.

C is one busy kid. He does football, band, scouts, YM. He is at school by 6:30 most days to have football practice. He comes home late many days for one reason or another. For the most part, he handles it all in stride. Sometimes it is overwhelming, but with the amount on his plate....that is to be expected.

K is finding high school is not middle school. She is doing very well in all her classes, but she has noticed a definite difference in the standards most high schoolers keep. It has been a struggle. She is amazing though. She is a light in our home. I cannot express how proud of her I am. She makes her own choices, even when she has to stand alone.

Baby Boy is growing and growing.  My belly has gotten bigger quickly enough that I frequently don't leave enough space for me to get by a table or counter and end up bumping into it.  I am happy for him to come to our family.  I also have bittersweet feelings about him probably being our last.  I am so ready to never be pregnant again, but I am also so sad that this stage in my life is probably over.  Mostly, though, I am ready to move on and enjoy the new phases of life ahead of me.  We already have challenges with babies - high school and kids that go back and forth from one parent to the other.  All of this make scheduling incredibly difficult.  

So, this is us.  It is Fall and it feels so good.  I love my family.  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I feel so very blessed beyond measure.  I truly (as my blog title states) have a good life!  :)

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Andrea said...

oh... And I really wish I lived in a warmer climate!! So funny.