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General Conference October 2013

This is more of a personal post for me, since these are things I would like to keep and treasure as the years go by.  This year for General Conference, we tried something new and each of us wrote something that we learned or felt an impression about with each talk.  We each had different color sticky notes and then would add them to the picture.  We have left them up nearly a month now as a reminder and to share with A, since she was with her Mom during General Conference.  Although I love the kids learning more about the prophets and apostles, including V, it is time for these full-size pictures to come down.  They will have to use the little ones for a bit.

But, before I did that, I wanted to keep pictures of not only what they said, but their handwriting and how they said it. (I guess there is a little pack-rat in me.  I will throw the stickies away and save the pictures for April, but there is a sentimental part of me that would cherish keeping these notes.  I am glad the organized and clean part of me is overruling!)

President Monson (three different talks):
  • CK:  "Show increased kindness and do the work of the Lord."  "Meet challenges head on and know that others have passed the same way, endured, and overcame."  "The Lord will help us in our missionary efforts if we act in faith."
  • Me:  "Frequently heavenly virtue of patience is required (through trials)."  "NOW is the time to work together to bring souls to Christ."  "We have been spiritually fed this conference."
  • K:  "Now is the time!  We must act in faith."  "Patience is a heavenly virtue.  We should be grateful for all our blessings."
  • C:  "Trials make you better."  "He is always with us.  We always need Him."  "  Missionary work growing.  Help with missionary fund."
  • J:  "We have 15,000,00 members of the church."
 President Eyring:
  • CK:  "To have happiness in the family - Enjoy forgiveness, - Accept and magnify callings, - Follow the Spirit, - Show love."
  • Me:  "Serving others always produces miracles."
  • K:  "There is not one of that He does not care for.  There is joy guaranteed for the faithful."
  • C:  "Accept calls from the Lord."
  • J:  "Happiness is to live happy, love things of God and things that are good." (as I interpreted from his writing....he is in first grade...sometimes I am not sure what he meant)
President Uchtdorf:
  • CK:  "The blessings of the gospel far outweigh the sacrifices.  The Lord's way is perfect, but he uses imperfect people to run His church."
  • Me:  "Respect others making their own decisions regarding membership in the church."
  • K:  "The righteous avoid many of the trials of life.  Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith.  The Church is designed to nourish the imperfect."
  • C:  "There is a place for everyone in our church."
  • J:  "Be good so .(neither of us could figure this one out!)...the judgement."
President Packer:
  • CK:  "A gospel-centered home is a safe place to raise a family.  The scriptures hold the keys to peace and spiritual protection."
  • Me:  "Safe place to raise families = gospel centered home."
  • K:  "Make scripture reading a part of your routine.  All scripture is written by revelation and inspiration from God.  Be not afraid, only believe."
  • C:  "Righteousness is more powerful than wickedness.  'You are late.'  'Yes, but I am clean.'"
  • J:  "Look and you will receive."
Elder Perry spoke in the Priesthood session, so we didn't take notes as a family.  This was a sad day for J, as he loves Elder Perry. 
 Elder Nelson:
  • CK:  "Make wise decisions in the way we use our bodies.  Be master over our emotions."
  • Me:  "Each day brings opportunity for decisions for eternity."
  • K:  "You are never too old to change or too young to learn."
  • C:  "Decisions determine destiny."
  • J:  "I love it!"
 Elder Oaks:
  • CK:  "Have NO other Gods before me.  God's plan is for all His children.  Courage not compromise."
  • Me:  "Ultimate treasure = Children and posterity."
  • K:  "Serving God should be our first priority.  Our doctrines never change."
  • C:  "Choose your priorities:  Family, high standards, obey God's laws, be courageous."
  • J:  "The 10 commandments."
Elder Ballard:
  • CK:  "Make the decision to do missionary work as Christ asked us.  It's impossible to fail when we do our best.  The key is love."
  • Me:  "Key of missionary work is to be inspired of the Lord."
  • K:  "Make the decision to do what we've been asked to do."
  • C:  "Pray for missionary work."
  • J:  "Lose yourself.  Pray for missionary opportunities."
Elder Scott:
  • CK:  "Learn to recognize the power of the Atonement.  We all need it.  Fill your life with service."
  • Me:  "Important to fortify weak areas to create strength."
  • K:  "Breaking a covenant with the Lord is NEVER justified."
  • C:  "We can use the Atonement to help us block satan out."
  • J:  "Be strong."

Elder Hales:
  • CK:  "Through the General Conference talks, the Spirit can tell me what I should be focusing on.  We can be taught what areas we need to perfect.  Then we need to go to work!"
  • Me:  "To Youth:  Promises-if you listen, the Lord will tell you what He wants you to do in your life."
  • K:  "Have patience and faith."  " 'Prepare your minds for the Morrow.' "
  • C:  "General Conference is very good and helpful."
  • J:  "I tell you young men if you are obedient, the Spirit will ...(crayon on sticky note!  Can't read the rest!)"

Elder Holland:
  • CK:  "Be hopeful and strong in the face of adversity and depression.  Hold on in the love of God.  Be compassionate."
  • Me:  "Be merciful and not judgemental to those that suffer from any type of mental illness."
  • K:  "His love is there for you whether you deserve it or not."  and "Patiently enduring is part of our mortal education."
  • C:  "Believe in miracles.  Hope is never lost.  Happier days ahead." and "Be grateful for small victories.  Be patient."
  • J:  His was a little silly, what he remembered from the talk, "Not like a bad hair day"....meaning that depression/mental illness is deeper than a bad hair day.
Elder Bednar:
  • CK:  "Blessings from tithing are significant, but subtle.  The Lord's way is simple."
  • Me:  "Tithing brings significant, but subtle blessings."
  • K:  "We can be blessed with confidence and conviction.  We shouldn't procrastinate the day of our repentance."
  • C:  "Tithes/offerings bring important blessings that are significant yet subtle.:
  • J:  "Significant."
Elder Cook:
  • CK:  "Bondage can take many forms.  Avoid them at all costs."
  • Me:  "We must work to improve the moral culture that surrounds us."
  • K:  "The righteous must help the Lord establish His church.  Righteous living is a prerequisite to assisting the Lord."
  • C:  "Stay away from things that will hold you in bondage."
  • J:  His was a picture....I cannot tell what it was.
Elder Christofferson:
  • CK:  "Women play a vital role in the church and in the family.  Don't take them for granted."
  • Me:  "Mothers can exert influence unequal on her children."
  • K:  "There is no superior career than parenthood.  Take care that your language is clean, not coarse."
  • C:  "Women are important."
  • J:  "I've been..(not sure what this word says).... by beautiful women"
Elder Anderson:
  • CK:  "The power of the Priesthood is available to all."
  • Me:  "Keep covenants = Receive the power of the Priesthood."
  • K:  "Worthiness is central to receiving Priesthood blessings."
  • C:  "The Priesthood is everywhere in the church."
  • J:  "Baptism"
This really was such a wonderful idea.  I am so grateful that someone thought of it and shared it so I could find it.  I love the focus it gives as we watch and I love the Spirit it brings even months after (I am finally finishing this in December!).  I love noticing what each of us took from the exact same talk.  Sometimes it was the same, sometimes very different.  Either way, it shows how we each received our own promptings from the Spirit regarding our personal needs.  So cool.

While CK and I did not do this, each of the kids sometimes wrote a few things down when other General Authorities were speaking.  I do not have each talk correlated with what they wrote (Although K wrote down who spoke), but in the interest of keeping this history complete, I want to write them down:
  • K:  (Ulisses Soares):  "It is our duty to try to be perfect.  It is possible for us to leave our weaknesses behind."
  • K:  (Sister Stephens):  "Blessings are made possible through the Atonement."
  • C:  "1.  !!!!  2.  Call Missionaries.  3.  Invite friend to activity."
  • C:  "Dedication, perseverance, self-discipline."
  • J:  "Faith always is pointing forward."
  • J:  "We are memorizing the Proclamation."
  • J:  "Memorizing is not bad, but good."
  • J: "I love it!"
  • J:  "!"  (If you happened to have watched/listened to/read General Conference, you know exactly which talk he was referring to!)

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