Monday, August 11, 2014

Family Vacation Day 5: Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Today was our Florid day. We went over to Pensacola Florida and went on to the Naval Base. Going on to the Naval Base freaked J out. He was so concerned that he was going to be searched.

It was pretty cool. They had a museum with hundreds of aircraft from years ago to more recent. And, the best part, it was free!  We enjoyed being in there, especially because it had air conditioning!  It was really good to do something different. It was something that CK really wanted to do, and we all got to go to Florida as part of the deal!

After the museum, we went out to lunch. We wanted to find someplace local to have some local food, not a chain. We were looking online and couldn't find anything really, but we found a restaurant just driving by it. It was pretty good, but very greasy!  At least it was fish!

We went back to the house, had a short time, ate dinner, and then headed to the beach. We love the beach in the evening, and we hadn't been to the beach all day.  It was beautiful and relaxing. We were also happy to find out that none of our things that we had left on the beach under our canopy had been stolen.  That is the cool thing about the beach, everyone leaves their things for the upcoming day, and no one bothers it. We did have some of our sandcastles stomped on, but none of our items were even touched. What great respect! I am impressed!

From the beach, we watched the clouds roll in, and hurried and walked home. It did, indeed, rain! But, that was the only time--the forecast had it raining all day every day for the whole week.  We are very lucky it did not do that!!!!

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