Sunday, August 3, 2014

Family Vacation July 25-August 2, 2014. Day 1: July 25

This summer we decided to take a family vacation.  We have never done this before where it has just been our family.  Each year, we go to visit extended family.  We sure missed them this year!   When Santa gave us a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, we decided it was time to have a vacation just our family.  The writing is on the wall.  It won't be long until we have our oldest children leaving home.  It was time to take a vacation together.  I am grateful for all the memories we made and the bonding we did.

Friday, July 25th was the day we left.  We left right around 9 am to allow CK to work some and to finish packing and loading. 

The drive to Baton Rouge wasn't too bad.  We were stopped....I mean STOPPED in traffic for about 40 minutes.  Luckily, Baby C did well for much of the time.  Then, it was pouring rain as we came into Baton Rouge.  We were so glad to get to the hotel.  Then.....AHHHHHHH!!!  There had been a mix up with our reservation.  I heard CK when he called the hotel and talked to them about TWO nights, but they had us for ONE.   It was our fault too, as we hadn't reviewed the confirmation email that did indeed say ONE night.  We were so nervous and frustrated and exhausted from driving all day.  They didn't have room for us to stay a second night.  J suggested we gather and pray.  So we knelt and did.  I remembered that our beach house didn't have anyone the night before we came, so CK called the owner to see if we could come a day early and we could!!!!

It wasn't ideal as we had to drive two days in a row, we had to hurry a little with our temple trips, and we missed out on a second day of free breakfast.  But, we got to attend a little branch for church, we got to be at the beach house for an extra day, it was cheaper, and it really all worked out. 

So that was Family Vacation Day 1.

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