Friday, January 9, 2015

Cherishing the moments

CK and I took the littles and went out to lunch. Aside from it being freezing cold, it was a great way to spend a Friday lunch. We love to spend time together.

Baby C fell asleep on the way home. He was even so asleep that I was able to take his jacket off without him waking up. I held him for a few moments before taking his jacket off, just cherishing this time with him as a baby in my arms.  Even the sweet potatoes still around his mouth are endearing and cute.

As mentioned before, my babies are growing up. I love watching them grow and mature, but I do miss the moments that are already gone. Sometimes having so many children means that I don't always notice the moments with each individual child. We are a busy family. Very busy. But, I do cherish each moment with each child. Most are not captured with the camera, but most are captured with my heart.  No matter the various trials that come in and out of my life, I have a wonderful family and for that I am so blessed. 

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