Tuesday, January 13, 2015


My good friend, E, and her little guy, A, came over for a visit today. I am so glad. I enjoyed visiting with her. Because of the busyness of life, I do not spend time with my friends like I used to. I cherish my friends, but I don't see them or talk to them very often. 

I have new friends, I have old friends. I have far away friends, I have close by friends.  I feel very blessed that I have so many friends in this world. Getting together with E today reminded me of how much I treasure these women.  Every one of them are women of faith and strength. We are not all of the same religion, but we all believe in our Savior Jesus Christ.

I am so blessed.

In other news, life keeps being busy. C had a basketball tournament and made it to the championship game, although his team lost.  We are planning a trip to St Louis in March, a trip to Boston in May, & a trip to Salt Lake in April. It looks to be a very busy few months indeed.

As far as my health goes, I cannot complain. The stress and the busyness of the holidays definitely showed, but what is "bad" for me now, is really not much at all.  I've had some weakness, some numbness, some loss of balance, and my eye is sometimes worse again. It has never been as bad as it got, however. For that, I am very grateful.  All I know, I have a good life and I am happy.

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