Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Staining the fence

 Our good neighbor recently rebuilt the fence between our yards.  Although the fence was a little old before, it was still functional (we thought), but our neighbor was excited about this project (we did pay half of the materials, but the did 99% of the work).  After the fence was done, CK and I went and bought stain and more brushes.  We planned to stain on a Saturday with the kids.  It rained.  We planned a Family Home Evening with the kids.  It rained.  After doing this 3-5 times, we finally had a day with no rain in the forecast AND the kids.  So...out we went.

 The kids really did a great job.  There was only a little complaining (far less than we expected) and a LOT of working.  I was very impressed with them.  It was great to complete this project together as a family.  And, I love working outdoors, especially when we finally have some decent weather (still quite chilly that morning, but decent!).

 CK is humoring me with these pictures.  Can't you tell he just wants to get back to work?

We ran out of stain.  I think having the kids stain meant a lot of extra drips on the ground, but we may have run out anyway.   It is now done. I wish I had a picture of it finished.  I bought more stain last week and CK stained while I helped with a wedding reception on Saturday.  He is such a good man.  I am so blessed.

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