Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 C never liked football.  I tried and tried to teach him what was going on.  But, no.  He didn't like it.  I was okay with that.  He is his own person.  This year, about five months ago, he decided he liked it.  He loves watching it.  He loves playing it at recess.  He loves playing it with CK.  He loves it.  I decided that the true test of his new-found love of football was to allow him to play flag football this season.  Not quite as much pressure.  Not quite as much danger.  And, we'd see if he really liked it.

He was disappointed when coach put him as running back.  He wanted to be a receiver.  He is short and fast and running back really was a good call for him.  The first game was a disaster.  I don't even know if his team even ever made a first down while the other team scored a lot.  30-0 a lot.  It was a depressing game for C's first football game ever.  He got one great run on the openning play and that was it.

His coach is REALLY great, however, and he rallied these kids and they practiced and they came out ready to play last Saturday.  I was impressed with their resilliance.

In the first game, C scored 3 running touchdowns!!!!  He was so happy.  Many of the pictures are blurry since I am trying to watch and document at the same time.  He was on cloud nine.  It was great!

I think I actually got a picture of him during all three touchdown runs.  Final score 20-0, us.  A welcome change.  The second game was more even.  C did not score a touchdown in that one, but his team did well.  They worked together and won that game by a touchdown (thanks to a great block at the end of the game).  It was a close one.  C did have some great runs and he is good about noticing where the ball is and where it is going and blocking for his teammates. 

I am impressed.  And, mostly importantly, C loves it!  He loved it even with the loss and he loved it even more with the wins.  It is great to see the happiness on his face, even after practices.  We are blessed.

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Jay said...

Way to go, C!!