Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 10: Last Day of Reunion, July 21, 2012

This was the last day of the reunion and the last time for us all to be on the lake.  Mom has a pinata tradition-that she moved from Christmas to the reunion, I am sure in part because we are there at the reunion!  Thanks, Mom!  While all the kids and most adults were watching the pinatas, I decided to try my hand at paddleboarding.  It was great fun-harder to balance with my prego bump, but fun.  We were out paddling for a bit, when a boat came by doing circles for its tube.  I knew that the waves would be coming and I wasn't sure how well I could balance through waves, so I headed back to shore.  I was an inch or so away when the waves hit.  I impacted the shore on one side at the same time that the big waves hit the board on the other.  Down I went.  I just sat on the board-I didn't fall in the lake, but I still got wet.  My sister-in-law that had been taking pictures of us had left by that point, so I don't have one of that, but I am sure it would have been a riot to watch!

 Here is A, swinging at the pinata.  All the kids loved it.  Mom had two, one for the younger kids and one for the older, so they all would get a chance to swing.  It was super fun!
 Aunt M planned a really cool scavenger hunt for all the kids.  They were divided in three teams and they worked so well together.  Each team had some younger cousins and some older.  All the older ones allowed the younger ones to help and everyone was happy.  When they presented what they had done, they each got points for their activities.  It was awesome and ALL the kids enjoyed it!

 On the way to Mom and Dad K's home, we stopped here for my "walking stop."
 It is the Idaho Falls, ID temple.  A year before, CK and I had been married and sealed for time and eternity here.  I cannot express the emotions that overwhelmed me as I looked on this temple and the significance of being married to my best friend forever just washed over me.  I could not help but weep with joy.

I am so glad that we all got to come back and visit.  When we got married, the temple grounds were all dug up and being renovated, but now they were all done and beautiful.  It was a hot day, so K stayed inside the visitor's center, but the other three braved the heat to be out with us for a time.  How I love my eternal family!

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