Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 6: Downtown Salt Lake, July 17, 2012

Day 6 we went downtown.  L and I are such planners, but this was difficult to figure out all the logistics.  We had C working and then scouts and Young Women that night.  We talked forever to figure it out, but we thought we had it!  It didn't work out quite as we planned, but it was good enough.  :)

We took the Frontrunner train down.  It was so nice to be able to sit and chat and not worry about traffic and parking.  All the cousins seemed to enjoy being together as well.  :)

It was so nice to see them all together, particularly to see J and G as they have grown up.  They are almost the same age and they enjoy being together.

We get to see the Salt Lake Temple almost every year, but it still is such an awe-inspiring site, particularly for J.  He absolutely loves temples-all of them.  He loves to be around them and he was so excited to be there this time as well.  

 All the kids have electronic devices and they were all taking pictures.  When they weren't taking pictures, they were playing in the water.  It was a very hot day and very refreshing!

We took the opportunity to go up the Church Office Building elevator to view all of Salt Lake City.  It was cool to see the buildings on all sides.  We especially loved seeing the temple.  From this height, it looked so small.

 Here we all are:  
Front:  G, C, J, and CR
Back:  L, K, me, and S
 We were so blessed to see Mami and Papi (XDH's parents).  I can never express adequately how blessed I feel to have them still in my life.  They are amazing people and there would be a huge hole if we were not still in contact.  It was difficult to see them only a couple of times this trip.  These pictures were when it was almost good-bye.  That was difficult.  :(

 Before good-byes, we went over to the Church Museum.  Papi is always full of fun and silliness, including wearing a skirt to dance!

 Then, we walked over to a new mall there.  I loved this picture with K taking charge of all these cousins.

This new mall has a couple of fun water features where the kids can play.  Since it was a hot day, they LOVED it!  :)

 Finally, headed home after a busy day.  JM, K, and I took these four little ones with us.  We enjoyed them and JM and I enjoyed some needed adult conversation.  
 And thus the end of a crazy busy day.  I am so blessed to have so many families that I love so much.  This family is absolutely amazing.  Their faith and dedication to the gospel, their families, and each other is amazing.  Their love for me and my children is a huge blessing in our lives.  We wish we lived closer and were able to see them every week instead of once a year.  How blessed we were on this trip.  So worth all the miles.  I would do it again-pregnant or not-so worth it!

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