Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 9: Family Reunion in Idaho: July 20, 2012

This was our very full family reunion day.  It was so wonderful to have every single person in the family there.  I am so grateful for the K family and how they have included the four of us and make us feel welcome every time-like we belong in the family.  I am so blessed.  Having the kids gradually getting older- the oldest is 14, I know that getting everyone together will become more and more difficult.  Us driving from halfway across the country also makes it difficult, but I want to do all I can to strengthen and cherish these family bonds.
 This cabin was right on the lake.  It was beautiful and the lake was a huge attraction.  All the adults took turns "lifeguarding" and watching the kids.  Grandpa K did it most of the time and I am so grateful for his watchful eyes.  Luckily, we didn't have any problems, but safety always comes first!

 Uncle K took the kids out on the boat and they got to be in the tube behind the boat.  They loved it, particularly C.  He is in the picture below.  Uncle K really tried to dump some of them (C included), but didn't get the right waves until the last day.  C and T were dumped out the next day.  I didn't get a picture, but they said it was fun.  Uncle K chose the right two cousins to dump.  They were so pumped afterwards.

 J loved being in the boat.  He didn't like being in the front or being on the tube, but he LOVED the boat and could have ridden in it all day.  Me, being pregnant, only rode in the boat.  It was fun!  J was right!

K and B took their turn in the tube.  They loved it, although they were a little more cautious than the boys.  
The little ones:  J, L, and S- all got in the tube together.  CK was the adult that was there to help.  J and S didn't enjoy it once the spray from the boat started hitting their faces.  It was a short-lived trip.

Another favorite thing was the paddleboards.  C loved them and I have dozens of pictures with him on the boards, paddling away.
Pregnant belly and life jacket-what a combination!
Here is CK paddling with A.  She wanted to ride.  I think she loved it.
A common mealtime site:  Many of the cousins gathered together, crammed on the benches to eat.
One thing that Grandma K brought to do was family bingo.  Here are the cousins perusing the prizes to see what they might want.  They all had a blast and they all came home with treasures.  Thanks, Grandma!
Ck was excited to water ski.  It had been a few years and he wasn't sure how it would go, but he got up on the first try and loved it!
The day was just beginning, continue the water fun, we loaded up the tubes and rafts and went to the river.  It was a hot day and fun to be in the water.

The water was shallow and slow and so the kids were able to switch tubes and boats frequently.  A wasn't sure about this tube, but she has a smile on her face:  so it was fun!  I love white-water rafting, but I obviously cannot do that 7 months pregnant, so this was perfect for me, too.
That evening, Aunt K brought out Scattergories for all the older kids.  They had a blast!!!!  The youngers were a little jealous, but their time will come.  It is a new favorite at our house now.  The funny thing is that I really thought I'd given our game to Goodwill when we moved, since the kids didn't really like that game.  Thank goodness I did not.  It is a favorite here now!
Here are two of my cuties, cuddling before bed:  A and J.  How lucky I am to be their Mama!  :)

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