Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 13: J, Lakeside and A: July 24, 2012

Remember my really awesome friend, J???  (From earlier in the trip?)  When I saw her before the Utah/Idaho part, she was pregnant....but this is what I came back to:
 Yahoo!  T was born!  She is gorgeous!  What a great baby.  What a special friend.  I am so glad that I have J in my life.  Her girls are awesome, but I am sooooooooo blessed!

 I love watching T and Q interact.  Sisters forever!  What a great start to life.  They will always be best friends (and probably sometimes worst enemies...but they will always forgive and start over).  What a blessing!

 I got to hold little T a bunch.  She is super sweet.  I asked her about my baby girl and if she remembered her, but, of course, she didn't answer.  :)  I miss you, J, Q, and T!

Later that day-in the evening, we went to a local amusement park that has become a yearly tradition when we visit my parents.  K and C ALWAYS ask if we can go and almost always we can.  We did again this year.  J was not so convinced.  He was scared of most of the rides, even when his big sister went with him.

 A was a little nervous, too, but once she got going....there was no stopping her!  She loved it.  She and K made a great pair.  K loved having company and A tried things that she would not have tried on her own- and discovered that she loved them!

 For a majority of the time, CK, C and my brother, S were off riding all the big rides.  They had a great time.  It ended up being a stormy night and the tallest rides had to close first due to wind and lightening.  That was disappointing.  Thank goodness that CK and C got to ride the Superman at Six Flags (among others) after we got home.

They did get to do this bumper boats ride.  They had disabled the water gun part of the boats (not sure why), so it was a little more boring, but they still enjoyed it.
 Another part that has become tradition is having my friend, A, meet us there and join us on the rides.  A has been my best friend since we were 13.  I love her so much and every time I can spend with her is a blessing. We just loved hanging out and watching the kids on the rides.  :)  Neither of us feel like we have really been around long enough to be best friends for 22 years!!!!!!  But, it is true and I would not have it any other way!
 I wish I hadn't gotten the light in this picture....but here they are:  my two daughters.  Love them!

 Ferris wheel: the girls loved it, including Grandma!  We tried to get J to go up with Grandma, but he felt too scared and did not go up.

 Merry-Go-Round:  J, K, and A above and Grandpa and Grandma in the picture below.
 Another turn on the bumper boats, this time with Grandma and J running one.  I know J loved running into CK!

Hi, K!  :)
 It was getting late and rides were being shut down--due to weather and the lateness of the hour.  But, we had time for one final tradition:  Ice cream cones.  Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa!  :)

We will probably come back again next year.  :)

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