Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 2: Colorado, July 13, 2012

 It was so nice to be in cooler Colorado weather, although it was super hot for Colorado-upper 90's, maybe even a hundred or two.  Still, it cooled down at night and the kids could comfortably play outside in the morning and CK and I could enjoy an evening walk each night.  I love my parents' big backyard.  :)
 My brother, S, loves games, particularly strategy games.  So does C.  They enjoyed spending time together playing around our running around and S working.
 My parents also own many "sets" of toys from when all of us kids were little.  Their grandkids love them.  J and A had a blast playing with these sets together-even though they didn't have much space (since C and S were playing their game on the floor).  :)
 We have a museum pass to a local museum (Thanks, Santa!) and part of the blessing is that the museum shares a reciprocal agreement with other museums, including one in Denver.  So, we went.  It was fun.
One surprise as we entered the museum, a dear friend from highschool, M, was just leaving with her cute family.  We haven't seen each other in years, although we have maintained some contact-Facebook, of course.  :)  We only had a couple of minutes, but it was a blessing to me!
 We let each child choose an exhibit that they most wanted to see as a family.  C chose this overlook that lets us see the view of Denver.  It was very pretty and very HOT!

 J and A especially enjoyed the dinosaurs.  I think J loved it the most.  A loved to check to see if the bones were actual bones or replicas.  It was interesting to read carefully and find that most exhibits were part of each.  Very cool.

We found it very interesting to listen to this gentleman.  He was working on some dinosaur bones behind the glass.  When he saw us watching, he opened the window and shared about the work that he was doing.  It was neat to hear and it sounds like way too frustrating a job for me--like a puzzle that might or might not have all the pieces.
 After we got home, CK and I had the opportunity to go visit one of my best friends EVER!  She has been a strength and support to me and we have both had some challenges that we have dealt with together.  I think she is amazing.  She moved just a mile away from my parents about a year ago.  This time, we visited, both pregnant (me about 6.5 months, her about 8.5 months).
Here she is with her daughter, Q.  I love Q.  I wish I could still see her grow.  I have a bunch of pictures of her doing yoga, but they all turned out fuzzy.  It was so fun to watch and she just loves attention and phones!

What a great day!  :)  Day 2/15 completed!

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