Sunday, September 23, 2012

Baby V Has Arrived

Wednesday morning, September 19th dawned just as most mornings do when you are 9 months pregnant:  with an early trip to the restroom.  Only this time, my water was leaking and I knew it was today that our baby would be born.

The funny thing was that I was hoping that she would wait until the 19th or later so that I could deliver her at the new hospital (10 minutes away versus 30-50).  They opened the 19th at 8 am.

I packed my suitcase and we got the kids off to school, then headed over to the hospital
 I knew that a new hospital would still have glitches and hiccups, but it was definitely more than I expected.  There were people everywhere, trying to get everything going that first day.  It made doing everything slower than usual.  There were also nurses from many different hospitals.  They were all GREAT nurses when it came to patient care, but they all had a learning curve on the new systems and paperwork.

I have had my water break twice before (with K and J) and both experiences were somewhat similar.  This was different.  By 3 pm, I was contracting on my own and they had intensified, but they were still far apart (10 minutes or so).  And, by this point I was STARVING and tired.  They started Pitocin and the contractions did pick up.  :)

At the very end, I decided I was ready for an epidural.  I didn't know it was so close, but those last couple of contractions were so much better.  :)

She was born at 5:31 pm--the first baby ever born in the new hospital.  :)

 That night, my sister brought K, C, and J over to see their new sister.  They were so excited.  You can see C's face is just radiating.  They were all so excited!

 This is the first time I have had a baby while S and family live close.  I love my sister and I am sooooooo glad!
 K could hold her all day long.  I am grateful for the bond they already share.

Unfortunately and frustratingly for me, they kept me a second night at the hospital.  CK went home this time and brought the three kids up to see her and I and to eat dinner together.

 Here they are eating pizza together.  CK then went home and stayed with them overnight.

This is the next morning:  They told us we could go home right away in the morning.  Nope.  Darn new hospital again.  There are a lot of systems and bugs to work out and it took hours to discharge us.  I was so ready to get home!
 After we got home, she had her first home visitors, the W family.  These lovely girls/woman have been our friends for years.  It was appropriate that they were the first to visit at home.
 Yesterday, K also came over to see her.  She is another amazing woman that I have been friends with for years and years.  Again so appropriate that she was among the first to see V.

 This gorgeous quilt is what K gave her at my baby shower.  Wow!  She has such talent and this blanket is beautiful!!!
 Also yesterday, Grandma K flew in from Idaho.  This is the first time that V met her Grandma K.  We are all grateful that V got here before Grandma.  :)

This is my only gift for having Baby #1, a cute diaper cake.  A year's supply would have been better, but this was a great memento, too.
 This was V this morning, ready for church.  She looked so cute with a dress on.  :)

 Also, this is her first Cowboys game.  It was played this afternoon, but we won't watch it until later (the Sabbath day).  But, in honor of the occasion, I put a Cowboys onsie underneath her dress.  :)

And, another time with Grandma. :)

That will bring her up to day 4 of her life!  :)  She has almost been alive for 4 whole days---almost to the minute.  :)


AeroRob said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful!!! I love the picture of you, CK and baby V. So sweet!

Wendy said...

Hi Ruth - Sharon told me you had your baby so I had to check your blog for pictures. She is a cutie! Congratulations!

shana said...

Hooray! So glad she is here safe and sound. Love all the pictures. So happy for you and your family. :)

Lisette Brown said...

I'm so glad everything went well. I wish I was closer so I could come see you and meet her. Congrats to you and Chad!

victoria said...

Oh she is super cute!! Congrats!!

Jay said...

Beautiful little gal! I can't wait to meet her. Your other kiddos look so cute with her.