Friday, September 10, 2010

Alternate Plans

So....this week is our camping weekend. Hmmm...not so much.
  1. It poured this week....there is mud in places. I love camping. I don't love mud.
  2. Most of the earth has dried.....leaving VERY humid air. It would be like sleeping in a sauna to sleep in a tent tonight.
  3. C has a sore throat and headache.
  4. We are all absolutely exhausted. As much as we LOVE camping, we probably need some R&R this weekend.

So, instead, I have planned out a great "mini-camping" weekend. I spent a while planning it out. It should be really fun. We are doing as much of the traditional camping things as we can....just not camping. (The kids don't know about them so I can't post about what we are doing quite yet). We will also do non-camping things...such as going to the movies and visiting Yogurtland and watching the BYU football game. It should be GREAT! I can't wait to begin. K and S come home from school in an hour. As soon as S's parents pick her up, we will begin!!!

1 comment:

Anne said...

You are such a fun mom :) I'm sure your kids will have a great time dispite the rain weve had!