Friday, September 10, 2010

Mini-Camping: Step One Completed

So...we went hiking. We got to the trails at about 5:50. We hiked just over two miles and got back to our car at about 7:40. I forgot my camera. :( How could I????? I took some pictures with my cell phone so I will play with that to see if I can get them on here.

It was wonderful. I know why it is so beneficial to be together outside as a family. We bonded. The contention was almost non-existent. We worked together.

We saw two deer cross the path just ahead of us. It was beautiful. One was obviously a fawn. It was neat to see how it followed its mother so carefully.

My plan was to eat there, too. I packed it all up before the kids got home from school. The cooler was ready, the charcoal, everything. Except: 1) There were no outdoor grills at this park, just picnic tables; 2) we ran out of time before it was dark and the park closed. So...I will grill hot dogs in just a moment.

We also enjoyed creating analogies of staying on the path or holding Jesus's hand. J was holding my hand most of the time. On one really steep part, we were nearing the top and he let go. 20 seconds later he fell. We compared it to when we let go of Heavenly Father's hand, we fall.

What a great part one! I couldn't have planned it better. :) We are dirty, very sweaty, and tired, but each of us really, really, really enjoyed it.

Next up: dinner

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nikko said...

Glad the hike worked out!