Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, J!!!

My little J is FOUR!!! It is difficult to believe that he is already that old. Besides being my very favorite number, four is my favorite age, too. I am so excited for the growth we will do together in this next year.

I know I have described his birth story before, at least briefly. A couple things I will always remember, though..... 1) He had the compassion to let me go to the BYU game the night before he was born. I really wanted to go and I am sure he waited for that to happen so I could. 2) I had no medication with him. 3) I was in the middle of the actual delivery and I started to freak out about K and C being picked up from school and not having me there. Silly moment to become so stressed about it, but I sure was!

Here he is right before we shocked him in to being awake by screaming "Happy Birthday" to him. Not my idea. :)

J loves, loves, loves to vacuum (Just like his mama!). He really wanted to this morning. You would have thought that I had just presented him with a million dollars when I let him!
J absolutely loves storytime at the library. Back in March or April, he discovered that his birthday would fall on a Wednesday and he has been excited about it ever since. Finally, the day came. He still does love storytime, but it has become so big....I don't think he likes it as much as he used to. he is, right up front with his good friend, C.
Here are J and C working on the "craft."
J is obsessed with CAT machines. It started with a book/DVD from the library. Now he is absolutely obsessed. He loves them. Here is his cake in progress...I didn't want his name on this blog, so I had to take some early pictures...and I forgot part of the machine so the final product actually looks better, but I was still pleased. :)
J wanted to go to the museum for his birthday. I thought he would want to go to the train, but he was sure he wanted the museum. We were lucky enough to have C with us all day. The two of them had a blast together at the museum.
Both of them loved shopping the most. Their future wives will be so happy. :) They both have huge imaginations and even shopping became a big adventure. And, I think I will always go in the afternoon. The museum was empty. Of course, it is not field trip time yet either, but it was soooooooooo nice.
They loved this dinosaur was the last thing we did before leaving and we could have stayed all day.
He loves this armor. :)
My sister, S, and her kids surprised him by coming down with songs and gifts. They had so much fun together and the presents they gave him are PERFECT!
He got a total of 11 CAT machines for his birthday so far, and I think that XDH might have more for him. This set happened to come from Grandma and Grandpa. Thanks for the package!

After the cake (above)...I just had to take a picture of the birthday boy's messy face.
Finally, J wanted to have the entire family go out to dinner, me, XDH, and the kids. XDH and I agreed. Awkward. But okay. Here is XDH feeding J some ice cream that they brought him at IHOP. They came and sang to him. He was simultaneously so embarrassed and so happy when they came out. He just didn't quite know what to think.
What a great way to end a great birthday. Happy Birthday, J! We love you!


nikko said...

Wow! It looks like you had a super fun day, J!

Happy Birthday!

Li said...

Those pictures are sooo cute! He's such a big boy! Sorry we didn't get to call. Crazy day! But we thought of him often and his card is on the way.

Lana said...

I can't believe he's 4 already!! I remember when he was 1 day old and brand new :)

We miss you guys!

I have a good life said... changed your more TX Mommy???? Did you forget your Texas roots? :) Just Kidding, of course.

We miss you still a TON!!! It was supposed to get easier with time...but hasn't. :(

It does seem like yesterday that he was only a day old. already have a 1-year-old Tate! Crazy! I taught Dani in YW and look at her now! :)

Miss you.