Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What do you do when you are man-less?

So...I really felt that this time I have been blessed with is to prepare me to be the best I can be the best companion to the best man for me. I don't know if the wait is a week, a month, a year, or a decade. I know I have to be patient with this, but I also know the Lord is preparing somebody amazing for me. I don't know if I know him already or if he will be brought in to my life, but someone IS being prepared for me. If he is being prepared for me, shouldn't I prepare for him?

So....what do you do when you are man-less?
  • Text/talk to new men....yes, I know I was supposed to be man-less...but, while I am not searching out a man right now, I seem to attract them and, since I don't know which door the Lord wants me to open yet, I am creating friendships as the opportunities present themselves.
  • Spending hours upon hours upon hours writing the Primary Program.
  • Playing Lego Rockband with my kids.
  • Rereading all the General Conference talks.
  • Painting my kitchen.
  • Working on my kids' quilts that I tried to finish for Christmas LAST year.
  • Subbing at the elementary school.
  • Going as frequently as possible to the temple.
  • Sleeping a few more hours.
  • Reading-just a little, but definitely more than I was when I was talking to M or CK every night.
  • Being "Taxi" to my three kids.
  • Organizing the disorganized closets/spots in my home and loving it!
  • Drooling over power tools and aching to buy some saws and begin doing some more serious building.
  • Talking to my friends (girls) more.

There is more. I am definitely busy. I am, for the most part, enjoying life though. I am quite lonely, too. I wish the Lord's time frame was now, but it is not. I have faith that He will continue to lead and guide my footsteps if I let Him. He has blessed me with so many answers-many of which make no sense, but I know they will with time. I just have to be patient.


nikko said...

New man??? You are such a hoot. Your post is about being manless yet the first thing on your list is a man. ;o)

I say enjoy it. What a unique/fun time in your life!

txmommy said...


Sounds like you are using your time well.

Enjoy, there is a lot of fun you can have with your kids while it's just you and them!