Friday, September 17, 2010

Letter to Myself Dated March 1, 1998

This past week, I spent some time working on cleaning the garage. In the process, I found a letter that I wrote to myself at 21 to be opened at 25. I am so glad I kept it. What a treasure to me. There are parts that brought laughter, parts that brought tears, parts that amazed me at how much I truly am the same person, parts that showed how much I have grown. I am going to transcribe it here so I have it in my blog-books. All names have been changed to initials. XDH, for the purpose of this letter, will be JC. It is long, and probably only worth anything to me. Thanks for the indulgence.

March 1, 1998

Dear Ruth,

Happy Birthday! I am writing this letter to you by request from the letter given to me on my 21st birthday, just a few days ago. I hope that all is well in your life! I know that sometimes life is hard. I probably will have many more difficult experiences between now and then, but I realize that all these things will give me experience and shall be for my good if I only have faith in my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Good luck to you in all your endeavors.

To begin, I will tell you a little of what my life is like right now so that you can think back and remember this time. In May of last year, I married JC. We have now been married 9 months. I really love him. It is a blessing to me to have married such a wonderful man. He is incredible, with so many amazing talents. I look up to him so much. This past year, I have been teaching at OJH. I love it!!! Teaching, while difficult, is so rewarding. I think that it is in my blood, since it really does come naturally to me. I have 6 classes: 4 Pre-Algebra, 1 Algebra, and 1 General Math. I love my students, every one of them so much, but a few that you might easily remember are JW, DS, SJ, LL, RJ, RF, TM, SD, TS, RB, CC, MB, NG, MF, SO, DH, and many more. I could go through and name every child in those classes, but I thought it might be too much at this time.

Right now, JC and I are trying to decide where to go to Chiropractor school. We have narrowed it down to either Portland or Dallas. We really need to decide this month. We are finding it really difficult as we have not seen Dallas to know if we feel comfortable with the environment and the school. We did go visit Portland in December with D and C.

We spend most Sundays in Salt Lake with JC's family, which, at this time, consists of O and R, D and C and A (age 5); C and L and K (age 6, Kindergarten), C (age 3), and S (age 1); JC and I, and Z with her financee J. In my family, J is here at BYU for his Freshman year. He is almost 19 and is in the process of preparing for a mission. S is in 10th grade (15), S is in 6th (11), and A is in 3rd (8).

We live in a duplex on 9th East in Provo. It is nice. We really enjoy it here. JC is finishing his last semester at BYU. In April, we will both graduate. It seems like such a short time ago that I began college. It is hard to believe that I am all done.

I am learning Spanish right now. I am starting to understand most everything that I hear, and I can say quite a few things on my own. Hopefully, by the time you get this letter, you will be fluent. We go to a Spanish ward here in Provo. We are in the guaderia con los ninos.

Well, now that I have caught you up a little in what is going on now in my life, I will let you know a little about what is going on in the world. President Hinckley is President of the Church. He just returned from a trup to Africa. The winter Olympics just concluded in Nagano, Japan. The next winter Olympics will be here in Salt Lake City in 2002. We are all preparing for it now, it will be a big event! The President of the United States is Bill Clinton. Right now, the world is watching to see if we end up in war with Iraq and their leader Suddom Hesein. They might be producing chemical weapons, and so the United States is prepared to use force to stop it if necessary. In the world of the media, Titanic has made it big. It is a GREAT movie!

Now, I will look ahead to what I hope will happen between now adn the time that you get this letter. I hope most of all that you are still a STRONG member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which I know is true. I know that I can do better. I hope to continually improve myself until I am the best person that I can be. I also hope that you and JC have an even stronger marriage than we do now. I hope that there have been no unfortunate occurances such as divorce or death. Remember how much you love him!!!!!! Remember to serve him with all of your heart. He is amazing.

Looking ahead, I also look forward to starting a family. I hope that by now you have at least one child, and perhaps two. Remember how important family life is, and that that is our primary purpose in this life. Always treat your family with the utmost respect.

I hope that if you are required to work, that you do the best you can. I hope that you can teach with full purpose of heart and love the children. Know that you have great capabilities as a teacher.

I know that in four years (when you read this) that JC will be close to graduating from Chiropractor school. How exciting! I look forward to that day with envy. Right now it seems so far away. Support JC in his school and job decisions. He needs you to be his best friend and companion.

Continue to attend the temple frequently. At this time, you go at least once a week, and sometimes more. It is such a blessing to be close to a temple. Continue to read your scriptures faithfully. They contain the way to eternal life. Pray with sincerity every morning and night. Check in with your loving Father in Heaven. He loves you and will do all that He can to help you.

Well, I hope that life is good for you right now. Smile through everything.

A few things more from my life right now. A is still my best friend. It is really hard for me to not see her. I hope that we are always best friends. She is the GREATEST! Of your roommates, B married L, J is going to Africa to teach English, V is on a mission in Lithuania, J is married, J married K, and D married C. Wow. Remember how special all of these people are to you. Write them letters or emails and never forget them. Remember your friends from B, Colorado also. They all used to be so important to you, keep in touch!!!!!!!!!

I am 5'2" tall with Blonde hair that I have recently cut.

Will you please write yourself a letter for when you turn 30. KEEP THE TRADITION ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! (By the way seeing 30 on the paper just weirded me out. Me? 30 never) Good Luck!!!!!

Love Always, R.

P.S. JC dice "Popis, Nalgas, Bish, y Vomito." By the way, JC has a major farting problems that he wishes for us to remember when we open this letter. (Silly Boy)


kiki said...

Wow, that is so cool! You inspired me to write a letter to myself on my birthday coming up. Ha I felt so cool to be included in your letter. :) I'm happy for you to see that a lot of that is still true. You are great, love you! :)

I have a good life said... were soooooooooo young when I wrote that! K and C laughed and laughed. They can't even imagine you and C and S as young as you were. I am so glad I included everyone's ages. I remembered then, but now I would have to go back and see if I could figure it out.

I hope you are having a great weekend! :)

Jenny said...

Hey I made it to the letter too.

victoria said...

30? Yeah, that's REALLY old. Haha. Sorry to hear about the farting problem. Looks like you're having fun up on that scaffolding. Gotta hand it to you - sanding drywall is messy business.

Glad to hear things are going well with your friend! It's fun to check in and get your updates.