Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 14: Temple and time with A & C: July 25, 2012

Day 14 was a special day.  CK and I left early and headed the hour south to get to the Denver Temple.  This was the temple of my youth.  I have spent hours there planting flowers on the grounds and performing baptisms within the temple.  This is also where I received my endowments in 1997 and went with my sister when she received hers in 2002, which was the last time that I had been here.  Every temple is special to me, but, with all that history, visiting this one was particularly tender.
 Isn't it beautiful???
 After CK and I did a session, we met K and Grandma L outside.  Grandma had driven K down to be able to go and perform baptisms inside the temple.  That was a special experience, indeed.  CK was able to baptize her and Grandma and I were able to watch.
 Later that evening, Grandma and Grandpa prepared a Barbecue for the kids and CK and I went out with A and C.  When we got home, they were all around the firepit roasting marshmallows.  That moment passed too quickly for a picture.  :(
 As mentioned before, A has been my best friend for 22 years.  Other friends have come and gone throughout the years, but we are still best friends, even with distance separating us for the last 18 years.  We have seen each other through ups and downs, heartaches and joys, kids and jobs.  She is such a blessing to me.  Good thing that I love her hubby, C, as well.  CK and C get along well and that is a blessing, also.
 After dinner, the night was beautiful and the inside of the house was still hot and stuffy, so we opted to play croquet.  It was a blast.  C was really good and quickly became poison.  It became quite a friendly competition.

 I love C here in front of us while we get ready for the picture.  :)

 While we were busy playing, A and J were busy playing as well.  They were creating with rocks and sticks and leaves.  Now I don't remember what exactly they were creating, but they had a lot of fun.  J misses A so much.  He is counting down the days until we see her-which won't be until November!!!!  I love that all four children have accepted each other so completely as siblings.  This is a blessing that will continue throughout their lives and eternity, I am sure.
 K was our photographer and she got a great shot of my prego belly.
I can't believe I didn't take more group pictures throughout our stay.  I hurried to take one right before bed on our last night.  It was obviously fuzzy and not well-lit.  :(  But, it is the only one I have with my mom and dad and our four kids.

Time for bed-then time for home.

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