Friday, September 14, 2012

Baby Quilt and Baby Shower

I have some of the best friends ever.  With all the busyness of life and with me moving 10 miles away, there are many dear friends that I don't get to see or talk to very often.  With the changes in life as our kids grow up, none of us have the same time to devote to friendships and I miss that terribly.  I am not nearly as social as I have always been and I feel that I have fewer friends than I have ever enjoyed.

BUT....I am wrong!

First, Monday.  I go to quilting at a dear friend's home usually every week.  She is so gracious to open her home and to share her expertise.  I have quilts I started for three of the kids when the divorce was happening (3 years ago) that I am very close to finishing...but not quite yet.  I went Monday to quilting.  I not only love working on my project, I also love the association with the women that also go.

Monday, I was sitting there sewing and chatting with my good friends, including J who had driven over....and all of a sudden I hear, "Happy Baby to you.  Happy Baby to you...."  It took me a minute to recognize that they were singing for me!  G had made yummy cookies and served them with milk.  And, 5 of my closest friends, my sewing buddies, had worked together to sew a gorgeous quilt for me.  :)  I love that each square has their love and personalities within them.  :)  Thank you, G, T, J, A, and K!

Then, Tuesday was my baby shower.  I did not expect a baby shower.  As I mentioned above, I had been feeling like I didn't have any close friends any longer.  When S (my sister) and 3 of my dear friends mentioned that they were planning one, I was shocked.  I was even more shocked when Tuesday came and so many friends arrived.  I felt so loved and my little girl is loved, too!  :)  Because it was held during the day, I had numerous other friends unable to make it because of work.  I am blessed beyond measure.  I cherish the friendships and these women so much.  I was also worried that I wouldn't have enough blankets for her.  I really didn't have any.  Surprise again!  Blankets came...many handmade (Thanks K, M, M, and A) and many store bought- each one full of love.  I had super cute outfits, a handmade Halloween tutu outfit, and a bunch of handmade and crocheted burp clothes.  I also have some diapers and some bath supplies.  And, 3 of my friends contributed money to go towards the car seat/stroller combo.  S (my sister) and her family gave me a swing and a bassinet, both perfect for what we need.  WOW!  So loved!!

I did not take pictures, but many were taken.  Once I get them, I will add to this least that is my plan!

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Shuldberg's in Texas said...

Of course you have friends. You really thought you didn't? Really?! You are the best at keeping in touch with friends.