Saturday, September 1, 2012


September is here!!!

This means almost 100% that our baby will be born sometime THIS month!  :)  We are excited to meet her.

Her due date is September 25, making me 3 1/2 weeks away, but I have never made it to a due date.  My gut feeling has been, however, that she will be born sometime in the September 20's.  I still feel like it will be a while, but I have been having painful and frequent -sometimes every couple minutes- contractions-although none lasting more than a second or two at a time.

CK is spending this weekend with A.  We don't want him to miss the birth of our baby daughter.  After much prayer, we both feel that it will be okay and that she won't be born this weekend-- AS LONG as I take it easy and rest most of the weekend.  It seems like if I am not obedient to the Lord's counsel, that she, indeed, could come early.  I think it is a test of my faith.  As I spend the day with a million projects zooming around in my head and a completely empty house to work with, it is a challenge for me not to get up and work, especially since the contractions stop when I lie down (which is the point, right?).  With those contractions stopped, it is easy to think that the danger has passed and I can get up, but I KNOW what our counsel was and I WILL take it easy this weekend.

And then---just you watch---she will be born late...the beginning of October!  That would be okay, as long as CK can be there!  :)

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